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2008-11 Photoblog Awards

Hong Kong MothershipFogchivesSo it goesNot the only rooftopper in townInside outRoof FalconThe sun wont stop settingWorld CollideUp in the airCity (Grid)JigsawEnough to make a grown man cryDundas Square 2013Tonight, this is your cityParadox cityDown by the bayStreet SlideMorning on Bay Street 2Morning on Bay StreetVertigous WednesdayCalm before the...Hung upP.MantisToronto 2013When it all disappearedTelus CityDerek FlackSidescapeToronto (Gold Standard)BalanceCity Rising 3Timelapse ReleaseFog TownStills from TimelapsesThe JokerPush me, Pull meVertical Landscapes 2 (night)UpStills from TimelapsesOlympic DivingBetween the linesLight Struck 2Light StruckGovertiCorner SpotHot-orontoMantisThe thin straight lineMidnight CityLook outHightimesKissing Marilyn 2Kissing MarilynAmost (I'll Make Ya) FamousCant find a place to LandProjected ViewsBlack and White CityCity LifeLife on the edgeAitch

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